Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just a painting day today!

Today I decided to just paint, getting myself all warmed up for my artist in residence next week.  This is a work from a photograph of a setting sun in the Redondo Beach area of Los Angeles.  I'll post the progress paintings, its not quite done yet but a good start I think!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spending the majority of time to day on gessoe, organizing my canvases for my trip!  I've been reflecting about this trip, and the awesome opportunity for an artist to create in such a great environment, and am sincerely humbled by the thought of this.  Extremely grateful!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Art Students League of Denver hosts artist Jill Soukup's Color Theory Class

Today was a fun and informational kind of  day, we got the chance to watch fine artist Jill Soukup as she explained her process pertaining to beginning a new work of art in oil on canvas panel.
Her instruction has been over 7 weeks, as we went through all of the elements characteristic of color with emphasis on Chroma, Hue, Intensity, Value, Temperature and the color wheel color primaries, families, harmonies, contrasts, etc.  It was a great class, one that will assist me as I create art in Breckenridge and host a few workshops myself. Nothing like getting great instruction to be able to myself convey these simple yet important concepts!!

My takeaway from her lessons at the Art Students League of Denver are to always ask yourself "what your intention is?" as you create and progress with a work, as this seems to be a great anchor point to keeping grounded while exploring such things as combining technical skills with a playful joyful approach to the painting.  At the same time!!  No wonder I'm super tired at the end of a painting day, so much to think about while at the same time being spontaneous!!

Here's a link to Jill Soukup's website, and a few photos from today's class at ASLD:
Jill Soukup's Website Link

Monday, February 22, 2016

Did you know Breckenridge Colorado's Art Program purchased a sculpture from the renowned sculptor Albert Paley?  Their arts program is really excellent, and I'm super excited to be staying in the Tin House March 1-15 for the Artist in Residence Program!  This week I'll begin preparations on packing, sorting out the artwork to take to the residence, and preparing for the workshop I'll host.

Here's a link to more information about the Albert Paley sculpture, and the Breckenridge Arts Program:

Albert Paley's website:

Saturday, February 20, 2016

10 days to go! Preparing for an Artist in Residence opportunity of a lifetime!

Well, I'm getting ready to put all my artist gear into my little Subaru and head to the Mountains!  I'll be staying in the Artist in Residence compound in Breckenridge where I'll be painting for two non-interrupted and amazing weeks.  I'm gessoeing canvases today and getting them ready, and I decided I'll be concentrating on "Atmospheric Perspective" with photos I have of an ariel view of a mountain road not far from here.  I also am planning on several workshops, and will try to post daily during this amazing opportunity I have been given by such a wonderful artistic community as Breckenridge! 
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