Artist Statement

“I’ve been drawn to the landscape since a small child, and have spent most of my life photographing the power and drama of sunrises, sunsets and cloud formations, mountains, farmland and valley views.  During my life I have moved from NY to New Jersey, California, Oregon, and Florida and now make my home in Colorado.  These mental images are my inspiration, and excite and inspire me as I paint. 
My artistic goal is to interpret and abstract our compelling American landscape, and have my finished work communicate a sense of place both imagined and visited.  I paint in oil on canvas and linen and use the palette knife as well as brushes.  Sometimes I paint over a painting, allowing a peek into past textural and color decisions, which offers exciting and surprising layers of interest along the painting’s journey.”

“Beginning with a visual reference, I select a color plan that excites me.  Generally I sketch a value plan, and then onto the canvas! Once I have the entire canvas covered with a thin complimentary wash, I begin laying new exciting colors and establish my values and shapes with them.  Sometimes I scrape it all back, and let the piece dry, which gives an under painting texture and color dynamics that really add layers of interest.  I let some of this under painting peek through in each final piece. Oil paints allow such a wonderful painterly freedom of expression, the colors are vibrant and blend so well on the canvas, allowing happy surprises to appear and refresh my palette and give way to new and exciting directions.”

“After this stage, colors and shapes take precedence and the fun/work begins!  I still use my reference photographs through this process, evaluating the evolving relationships on my canvas, making sure that my aesthetic illusion continues to evolve from my initial inspiration.  Sometimes paintings take many passes, changing and re-directing, that’s the fun of working with oils!  My final color corrections push me out of my comfort area, away from my initial reference photographs, away from details, towards more exciting abstract color relationships, towards my interpreted sense of place.”

Cheri has an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Arts & Advertising, a BS in Business Management, and has attended fine art workshops with Don Sahli, Jordan Wolfson, Larissa Aukon, Mitch Albala, Ken Elliott and Judy Greenan.   She has juried the Open Arts Festival in Boulder 2015 and 2016 and in 2013 and 2016 she was accepted into the Artist in Residence Program in Breckenridge, Colorado.  She paints both in her studio in Berthoud Colorado and en plein air.  She has exhibited at Parkside Gallery in Park City Utah, Thornwood Gallery in Houston, TX, Dolce Gallery in Telluride CO, Vilona Gallery in Boulder CO, Mousai Gallery in Carbondale CO, Smith Klein Gallery in Boulder and Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach Florida.  

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