Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day Ten of Twelve-Painting Journal

Well, its been a long two weeks painting away from home, and as productive as I've been, I'm tired!  I've got two more full painting days, and will make the most of them, having loved this experience here at Breck Creates in Breckenridge Colorado so much!

Thus far, I worked on two canvases each day, with one day of rest and an edge-painting day I've completed 14 canvases all together.  They range in size from 24x30 to 10x12, with a personal favorite size of 18x24 included.  I've worked on perspective and atmosphere, and developed more foreground and structural elements in my work that give viewers a sense of recognition of place, something that my knife painting thus far suggests.

I'll keep painting with my palette knife as I feel such freedom of expression with that tool, but am pleased that I've worked foreground shapes and pieces that add another dimensional aspect to my work.  This painting, 18x24 Oil on Linen, was painted yesterday, and sums up my expressive experience to date.  It started with a general landscape plan and then the colors just compelled my continuation of the scene.  Its abstract, stylistically interpretive, and yet tells a story of place.

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